How Brands Are Incorporating Instagram Video Into Their Content Strategy

Instagram video makes a big splash in it’s first week

Introducing Instagram Video

So, it’s been just over a week since Instagram launched their newest feature; 15 second video-sharing with Instagram Video.

Considering mobile video consumption tripled in 2012 and video is the fastest growing ad format worldwide, it only makes sense that leading brands have already begun to capitalize on the new platform. Remarkably, there were 5 million Instagram videos created in first 24 hours of its launch last week, with many of the first videos coming from popular brands.

While many brands had already been using Twitter’s Vine application that allows for 6 second videos, the uptake for Instagram Video has surpassed their use of Vine. So what is it about Instagram Video so great that within it’s first week Twice as Many Top 100 Brands Use Instagram Video as Vine?

  • Instagram Video allows for 15 seconds vs Vine’s 6 seconds
  • Instagram Videos shares to Facebook, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Email and Vine only to Facebook & Twitter
  • Instagram Video has 13 filters (what we all LOVE about Instagram) and Vine has none
  • Instagram has 130 million users while Vine only has 13 million

Check out a more thorough comparison from TechCrunch.

instagram video vs vine

Brands welcome Instagram Video into content strategy

Brands know that when it comes to getting found online, engaging users and building an online community around your brand, CONTENT IS KING. It is the responsibility of a brands’ marketers and community managers to consistently create new, interesting, useful and engaging content that resonates with their target audience. Now, with Instagram’s new video-sharing feature, we have a new platform to craft messages that our audience will respond to positively. The key is to create content that is a natural extension of the brand.

For example, brands can leverage Instagam Video to create content that will…

  • Share unique branded experiences
  • Highlight brand advocates
  • Co-create content with audiences
  • Explore brand culture
  • preview products
  • Highlight a specific cause
  • Extend the brands persona via video
  • Preview upcoming events by adding visual context
  • Share important news
  • Drive promotional awareness
  • Show fan appreciation

As brands become even more comfortable with their guidelines tied to user generated content, these types of short-form videos will be another viable alternative to support their existing content strategies.

Which brands are already using Instagram Video effectively?

Go behind the scenes with Burrberry

“A glimpse behind the scenes of the #Burberry Prorsum Menswear Spring/Summer 2014 show, #London” by @burberry

Feel inspired by Lululemon

“Every mat has a story to tell. #justmymat” by @lululemon

The Today Show highlights their audience

Proposal on the plaza! #TODAYplaza #HunterTODAY #TODAYshow by @todayshow

MTV promotes an event

“He’s almost there! Watch @andrewwk go at the #drumathon at! #omusicawards” by @mtv

New York Times reporter captures news as it’s happening

“police fire tear gas down #istiklal street during clashes with protesters in #istanbul #turkey” by @edouphoto

Victoria’s Secret highlights a popular product in a fun way

“Summertime and the options are endless… #VSSwim” by @victoriassecret

Red Vines is timely and relevant by posting one of the first Instagram Videos

“#RedVines makes the day sweet no matter where it takes you. #InstagramVideo” by @redvinescandy

Have you seen other brands using Instagram Video that is useful and/or engaging? Share in the comments, please!

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