BUX Podcast 95: Facebook Contests: What You Need To Know

Is your Facebook contest legit?

Facebook contests are everywhere on Facebook these days. When done correctly, Facebook contests are a great way to attract new customers and engage the ones you already have. There are many successful contests run everyday by businesses…but the truth is…many of them are breaking the rules! Facebook rules to be more specific.

It’s important to know the guidelines so your Page doesn’t get booted from Facebook like these companies and also to know what it takes to have a successful Facebook contest that helps you achieve your business goals.

Today’s podcast on Facebook contests covers:

1. The do’s and don’ts of Facebook Promotions Guidelines.

Basically, Do This:

  • Always run promotions through a third-party app such as Woot, Shortstack, Wishpond (more below)
  • Disclosures must acknowledge the contest is in no way associated with Facebook
  • You must display your contest rules and ask users to click on “yes, I agree” before they enter
  • You must gather an email address or phone number when they enter
  • You must notify winners via email or by phone

Basically, Don’t Do This:

  • Entries cannot be contingent upon fans liking or commenting on a wall post or uploading a photo, although you can require entrants to like your page, check-in or connect to an app
  • You cannot use “likes” as a means of voting for a winner
  • You cannot notify winners through a wall post or other Facebook feature

2. What makes a good Facebook contest?

  1. First, decide if a contest is right for your business
  2. Have a goal
  3. Choose an appropriate contest
  4. Make it interactive
  5. Give away awesome prizes…and more than one if you can
  6. Make it simple to enter
  7. Share it with the world
  8. Follow up

3. Which 3rd party Facebook Contest apps are available to host Facebook contests?

For more on Facebook contests, be sure to check out my article:

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