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“Boo hoo, I hate my email program”

I was complaining to Ben the other day about how unhappy I was with with Apple Mail because I was not able to search and find emails easily among all the different inboxes that I had going there and the spam filter was not as good. All the folders were confusing and I felt like I kept “losing” important emails. He reminded me that email is one of those things you have to take into your own hands to find what works best for your needs. He uses Thunderbird and is pretty happy with it so it was not his problem, it was mine. So I set out to find my perfect email platform to solve the problems I was having.

Checking, reading and responding to email is a constant throughout my workday (and non-workdays too!). I use email for selling our digital services, communicating with current and potential clients, setting up meetings, sending proposals, receiving files and photos, and more. Our company deals with half a dozen clients on any given day and that can mean a whole lot of emails to sort through. I also have 6+ email address I manage that are personal, professional, and some that I check on behalf of clients. Of the 6 emails I manage, 5 of them are hosted through Google, which, in my opinion is the best email platform available on account for its extensive search features, labels, and advanced integration of the Google Calendar, Google Drive and more. 

I <3 Gmail but I hate using it in my browser

I love Gmail and all of the Google Apps but I hated having to always go into my web browser to check email and my calendar. Are you like me and want Gmail for your desktop? I have always been in the habit of clicking an icon in my dock and then viewing on my desktop and that is what works for me. And I want what I want. Basically, I wanted Gmail, but on my desktop…

I did some research and saw that Mailplane promised to do just that so I signed up for their 15 day free trial right away and I’m so glad I did. I have been very happy with MailPlane as it is exactly the solution I was looking for. 

Why MailPlane?

Mailplane let’s you use the familiar Gmail web interface (with all its goodies) and basically wraps a ‘shell’ around it so that it acts as a stand-alone app for your Mac.

Mailplane is a native Mac OSX application and integrates naturally into Mac OSX.

You can set it to act as your default Mail Client

gmail for your desktop

Switch Between Multiple Accounts Easily with Tabs.

Up to 10 accounts are supported simultaneously.

Gmail for your desktop with Mailplane

Seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar

No separate calendar set-up required and accepting an invitation intuitively switches to the correct calendar tab.

Google Calendar and Gmail for your desktop with Mailplane


Resize images, compress directories or capture your screen and attach it to your message.

Don’t download attachments twice. Preview them with QuickLook.

attachment features


Mailplane’s notifier tells you everything about unread messages.

It integrates with Mac OSX notification center and the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode allows you to stay focused.

Gmail for your desktop with Mailplane

Integrates useful plug-ins

Boomerang – Email Scheduler

AwayFind – Email Notifier for important messages via Voicemail, SMS or email

Rapportive – Shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox.

RightInbox – Email Scheduler, tracker, reminder

TaskForce – Convert emails into tasks


Mailplane costs $25, but the trial offers a full-featured version of the software for two weeks. Users who have purchased previous versions of Mailplane have the option of upgrading to v3 at 20% off, and users who purchased v2 after October 1, 2012, will receive the v3 update for free. If you want to navigate your personal or professional Gmail inbox (or both), give Mailplane a try.


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  1. Another (free) way of doing this would be to go to Gmail in Chrome, then go to the Settings menu > Tools > Create Application Shortcut.

    This creates an ‘app’ of sorts that will place a Gmail logo in your taskbar.

    This can be done with any website too. It may not integrate into your system quite as well as the app described above but it’s quick, easy and free!

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