How To Close More Sales Using Yesware Email Tracking

Email is a huge part of how we communicate professionally, especially in a selling environment and it can be a daunting task to keep track of emails sent, responded to, etc. Needless to say I was very excited to find out that there is a tool that will help me be more effective with sales emails as well as correspondence with current and prospective clients. Yesware email tracking does just that.

What is Yesware?

Yesware is email for sales people. It is a free add-on for Chome and Firefox that allows you to:

  • Find out who opens your emails and clicks on links in your email (currently only compatible with Gmail & Microsoft Outlook)
  • Easily create, use and share email templates
  • Sync emails to your CRM (Salesforce)
  • Get insights on for individual sales people and teams

There are 190,000 people currently using Yesware, and I suspect that number will continue to grow exponentially. There are free and paid versions available.

sales emails


Yesware was founded in 2010 by Matthew Bellows, Cashman Andrus (CTO) and serial entrepreneur Rajat Bhargava, who sits on their board. In April 2012, Yesware raised a Series A of $4M from IDG Ventures and Golden Venture Partners (alongside Google Ventures and Foundry Group that participated in their $1M seed round in 2011). During this time, the Yesware staff has grown to 17 employees, and users have increased from 5,000 to more than 120,000+. There are also a few high quality customers using Yesware, including: Groupon, GoodData, Xactly, HubSpot, Brightcove, Adroll, Demandforce, and Cloud Sherpas. []

Getting started with Yesware

Here’s how to get started…it’s really easy. If you want to try it out, make sure to use our Referral Link.

Get strarted with yesware

Here is a quick and informative video of how Yesware works.

Track every email you send

It’s really easy to use Yesware for tracking who opens and responds to your emails.

email tracking

Once you add Yesware to your Gmail account, all I have to do is click “track” in the compose window to start tracking emails.

yesware sample email

Yesware will notify you with an alert box when someone has opened your email or clicked on a like so that you know the right time to follow up. In some instances, you would want to reach out with a phone call around the same time they are reading your email which could be “perfect timing.” Additionally, Yesware will tell you what device they are opening up your email on (iphone, android, etc) and on what web browser (Chrome, Safari, etc). All could be valuable insight into closing a sale.

yesware summary

Yesware also can tell you where in the world your email is being viewed. I realize this could be considered invasive, but it’s definitely useful information for a sales professional.

Yesware Map

Templates make it easy

Salespeople are typically sending variations of the same email to multiple prospects. This can be a daunting tast as I learned when sending out surveys to potential clients last year. Yesware templates would have saved me hours of time. Yesware helps you organize, share and track emails sent to prospects. With their custom reporting, you can see which templates are working the best and then share that template with others on your team. It really takes the guessing out of sales emails by providing useful data that can also help refine your sales process.

yesware templates

Email Reporting

Tracking emails is very useful, but being able to analyze reports of email success is invaluable to sales professionals. With Yesware, you can:

  • Find out exactly who is best to follow up with by using our personal tracking reports and gauge your email opens for the last 30 days.
  • Find out if your message is reaching top decision makers by tracking who emails are forwarded to.
  • Prioritize your email prospecting with subject filters and email activity sorting.

Tracking Report

Team collaboration

If there is more than one sales person for a company, Yesware has team collaboration as well. Teams allow you to see how each sales person is performing and compares them to others. What’s great is that you can see what which templates are working, and share them among team members. There are dozens of testimonials on the Yesware website about companies that have increased productivity and sales using Yesware’s team collaboration.


Plans & Pricing

  • Forever Free – 100 tracking events per month
  • Plus – email productivity for sales professionals  ($5/user/month)
  • Team – Collaborative email selling for your whole team  ($20/user/month)
  • Enterprise – Salesforce and email connectivity across all your sales teams ($50/user/month)
  • Custom – A modern email and Salesforce workspace for your organization (Custom)


Yesware is going only going to continue to grow in popularity, especially as they being to incorporate more features and it is accessible on other email platforms. When sales professionals have access to real-time reporting of their sales emails, they can be more effective and productive at the same time. I haven’t been using it for very long, but I’m already starting to wonder how I ever sent sales emails without it.

If you want to try it out for free, make sure to use our Referral Link.

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    -Jake (VP Product, Yesware)

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