8 Time-Saving Takeaways From A Pinterest Webinar

Do you get ever invited to or come across webinars that promise results for your business? Are you like me and find them inconvenient and would prefer to read and article, watch a video or slideshare that you can pause and fast forward so you can learn at your own convenience. I know the feeling. In the past, I have probably subscribed to 4-5 webinars that I didn’t end up attending for one reason or another…until today. And I’ve provided some highlights of this pinterest webinar to save you some time and get into some of what I thought to be truly valuable information.


I’m not even sure about how I learned about Melanie Duncan’s “Power of Pinning: How to Use Pinterest for Your Business to Get Traffic and Customers Webinar, but I was intrigued. This is likely since in the past two weeks, my articles have been about my research into Pinterest for business and thought there might be some information covered that I’d miss. And I was right.

The first 15 minutes or so of the 1 hour webinar talked about many of the same statistics and insights into the “why use it?” and “how to get started?”  so you can learn more about that in the 2 articles below.

8 Reasons You Should Start Using Pinterest For Business Right This Secondhy

How To Get Started Using Pinterest For Business

The Pinterest Webinar

Looked like stuff I wanted to know offered at a time I wanted to learn it. And so I registered…

Power of Pinning


An hour long session that promised to “Get MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF EXPOSURE for your business quickly, easily and for free. Learn SURPRISING STRATEGIES for driving tons of traffic to your site each day. Ways to improve your SEO by using Pinterest. How to MAKE MONEY PINNING!” Here are some of takeaways and screenshots from the webinar you should takeaway too…


1. You can see what has been pinned from your site…without even having a Pinterest profile

Visit www.Pinterest.com/source/yourdomain.com to see if people are already sharing content from your site. Pretty cool insight!

See who has repinned content from your website

2. You can now link Facebook business pages with Pinterest business profiles

Melanie introduced me to Woobox. “Woobox helps you easily create powerful contests, sweepstakes, coupons, and more to grow your fans and amplify your marketing.” Woobox also happens to be a free tool that allows you to link your Facebook business page with your Pinterest business page- something that cannot be done using Pinterest at the time this article was written. Therefore, you need to get this app ASAP. You can see where I’ve added it to the Little Wing Marketing Facebook page.

Little Wing Facebook

By the way, follow us on Pinterest, Like us on Facebook!

3. Pinterest now has Analytics

Analytics gives you great insight into your activity and campaign success on Pinterest. Here is a link to their blog article introducing Pinterest Analytics on March 12, 2013.

If you have a verified website, you’ll get information about how many people have pinned from your site, how many people have seen these pins, and how many people visited your site from Pinterest. We’ll also show you a selection of your most repinned, most clicked, and most recent pins so you have a better idea of what’s popular. For example, if you have a travel blog, you’ll be able to see whether people are pinning your ski vacation posts or beach vacation posts more. (from Pinterest)

In the example below, you can see where Melanie’s 2 original pins turned into 1,923 impressions.

Pinterest Analytics

What should you pin? Original content- not just re-pins. That could include…

4. Infographics

This type of high quality content is re-pinned often. For a free tool to create infographics, visit http://infogr.am.Infographics

5. Checklists

Make them relevant to your industry and/or to your target audience. Other examples could be “50 Healthy Foods” or “What to pack for vacation.”


6. Make your Pin tall

Pins that are more tall than wide, such as the make-up tutorial below  get, on average, get more re-pins. This is because these kinds of images take up more space on the page, so they attract more attention. See the chart below.

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 9.36.59 PM

7. Tutorials

How to use your product or service or something else related to your industry. These can also be videos, infographics, images or even screen shares.


8. Pins with Text

Since Pinterest is a photo economy, get the most out of your photos by adding text. Melanie suggested adding a call to action on your photos, such as “click here now” which works, since every image can take you to a hyperlink. She suggest a free photo editing site as an alternative to Photoshop called Picmonkey.

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 9.40.03 PM


If you are getting your business on Pinterest, I highly recommend this webinar and also reading the first 2 articles mentioned at the beginning of this article. Melanie Duncan has a proven track record of success with her online businesses, however, I will warn you there is a hard sell at the end of her webinar to purchase her 7 module training online training course, “The Power of Pinning” for $97 (marked down from $297) There are raving testimonials of proven success using the webinar. If you end up ordering it, share about your experience in the comments.

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