Clicky: My New Favorite Analytics Tool (And It’s A Woopra Killer)

Let’s talk about Clicky. In the past year and a half, we’ve seen the number of real-time analytics tools grow from just a handful, to a whole shed-load.

We’ve previously talked about Woopra, and it’s no secret that I’m a big fan. But late last year, Woopra revamped their business model. They did away with all their reasonably priced plans and started their plans effectively at around 8x times the previous cost ($100+). At the same time, they decided to discontinue working on their desktop applications and instead focus on their web experience. If you’ve downloaded the app before, it still works. But unfortunately they’ve since removed the links from their site. (Though between you and me, if you want the Windows version, it’s here and if you want the Mac version, it’s here.)

To recap: that blows.

Woopra is clearly targeting a different user than me. So we reached out to Lucky Orange. Twice. And we heard nothing. Not a “Hello, how are ya” or a “We think you’re weird” or even a “Go away, or we’ll start shouting!” We like what they do, and one day we might take a look and write a review, but after the way Woopra up and changed their model, we were more interested in dealing with an analytics company that would return our emails.

We found Clicky through a very unlikely circumstance and they turned out to be some really nice folks.

We’ve been using Clicky for close to a month and a half and can wholeheartedly recommend using it as part of your core set of analytics tools. Let’s see why.

Clicky: The Price is Right

I’m hooked on real time analytics. Let me keep an eye on how many people are on my site at any time and I’m a happy guy! But I’m a bit of a cheapskate too. So I’d rather not have to pay $100/month if I don’t have to. (And to be fair, Woopra grandfathered all their accounts in, so I wasn’t subject to the new rate. But still. As Big Worm used to say, “It’s the principle of the whole thing. It’s principalities in this!”)

"Because playing with my money is like playing with my emotions!

“Because playing with my money is like playing with my emotions!

With Clicky, the price is right. It starts at Free-99. That’s just “free” if you don’t speak the kids-talk. If you need more, they will hook you up for $10-20 a month. Principalities indeed!

Clicky pricing chart

Good Data, However You Want It

But pricing wouldn’t mean a thing if they sucked. So do they?

Did you even bother to read the section heading? Of course they don’t suck. And I hope they use that last sentence in their marketing because I stand behind it 100%.

They offer it in a few different ways. The main way is on their website. Unlike Woopra, they don’t offer a desktop app. But, they offer a WordPress plugin where you can see your stats in your Dashboard. If you don’t use WordPress, they have a Chrome plugin where you can keep an eye on the number of people on your website in real time and where vital information is only a click away. If you’re stubborn like me and you have to see that number on your Dock on your Mac, there’s an app for that.

Clicky makes it easy for developers to extend the program and has created a page of apps and plug-ins to showcase the best. Besides the menubar widget for OSX, they have applications for every environment you’re likely to have: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, iGoogle, Facebook and more.

The Data You Want To Know, Easy to Find

When you login to the website, the dashboard has been well thought out. They put the most generally important stuff first.

Clicky Dashboard

The section, “The Basics” tells you the most important stuff up front: new and unique visitors, page views, downloads, outbound links, events, average actions per user, total time spent by everybody, average time per visit, and bounce rate.

Most of these metrics will be familiar to users of Google Analytics. Average number of actions and total time are two new metrics to me, and I like them. Next to each value is a percentage gain or loss compared to the previous day.

Next to it is a graph of the visitors for the day, by hour, as compared with the previous day. What makes Clicky cool is that they let you change the graph to compare other date ranges with a click of a button.

Clicky - Change graph date ranges

Rounding out the top of the dashboard are the inbound links, and most viewed pages. There are menus at each spot for additional granularity.

Like other real time analytics programs, you can set up Goals, Events, and Campaigns. All of these are ways to tag and track events and conversions on your website. This comes in especially handy if you’re in e-commerce. It makes tracking sales and revenue data a breeze.


One of the unofficial things that Woopra did for me was let me know when my site was down. If I didn’t see anybody on the site for more than 10-15 minutes, I knew something was wrong. And even if I was busy and wasn’t actively monitoring the number, it was still likely that I’d notice the problem within hours instead of what traditionally would have been 1-2 days.

Clicky knows that’s what we’re doing and has a way to notify users if their site goes down. Just create an alert and hope you never hear from it again.

Clicky Uptime

Spies Like Us

In Woopra, my second favorite thing, after looking in the dock to see how many people are on the site in real-time was to click into the app to see who the people were and what they were reading on the site.

Clicky has the same thing, only it’s called “Spy”. Because that’s what it feels like you’re doing.

Clicky Spy

Then, because clearly this program was developed by some hardcore data nerds, they created the Big Screen. This is a look at all of the user’s key metrics, but formatted in a way as to look good on an executive’s flat screen.

Clicky Big Screen

Helpful to Agencies

If you love Clicky and want to use it with your clients – but don’t want your clients to know Clicky is doing all the heavy lifting, they’ll even white label the product for you (and at a very reasonable price).

They also offer a bunch of different widgets to use if you want to create a custom page for your clients to view their data.

Clicky widget

Why Are You Still Reading This? Go Get Some Clicky In Your Life.

Woopra, I love(d) you – but you grew up, got hard, and wanted a man with more money. So I found Clicky. She’s got spunk. What’s not to like?

There’s great, real time data, the way you want it, when you want it, how you want it, at a price you can afford. So the only question I have is, why are you still reading this? Get Clicky now.

7 comments on “Clicky: My New Favorite Analytics Tool (And It’s A Woopra Killer)

  1. Hey Ben, thanks for the great review. Much appreciated and glad you are enjoying the (quite affordable) service!

  2. Two questions pop in mind?

    The advantage of this real-time data is really the spy section right? Because all the rest you can get from GA anyway, right?

    Also, any performance issues if both are installed on the same site?

  3. I found this little review when I was trying to decide whether I really did want to pull the plug on Woopra and you’ve convinced me that I at least now have a plan C.

    Plan B was getting into recoding bits of my site to work with Piwik which really needs some work on its GUI for realtime but I’m finding MUCH more user friendly when it comes to reports.

    I’ll keep Clicky on my review list if I miss the Realtime too much…

  4. Hey Ben, great post!

    I’m a bit new to the whole analytics scene, and I have a couple of questions:

    1. Do you use Google analytics in conjuction with woopra/clicky? If so, do you recommend this?
    2. If the answer to my last question is no, then can you migrate settings/goals/events from analytics to woopra/clicky?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Yes I do, and yes, I recommend it! I’m not all the way sold on Woopra anymore. They’ve done away with their Mac app and do it all strictly online now. This removes my favorite feature – being able to see how many people are on your site at any given time by looking at an icon in the Dock on OSX. I’m still trying to adjust to that. Clicky offers something very similar so I may end up using them rather than Woopra. But I definitely run Google Analytics and Woopra (and Clicky) all at the same time.

  5. Hi Ben,

    My name is Danny and I am the VP of Sales and Strategic Partnerships for Lucky Orange. First let me start off by saying I truly apologize for any confusions, miscommunications, or lack of communication from our side. I have the teams scouring all in boxes to see why any emails from you went missed.

    With that said, I would be more than happy to take the time and give you a personalized demo of our product, answer any questions you may have, and you can see all the great features Lucky Orange offers (including a brand new one to be released in the next week)!

    You or any reader of this post can always feel free to reach out directly to me if you need anything at all:

    At Lucky Orange, we do sincerely pride ourselves on delivering an excellent product, at a very affordable price ($10/month), and an unmatched level of customer support.

    I apologize if any emails from you went unaddressed. We will do whatever it takes to rectify the poor experience you had.


  6. Hi, thanks for this complete review, Clicky looks like good value for money and I will probably try it. Maybe for some web analysts it could be worth paying more for their web analytics tool so that they can benefit from customer assistance, exhaustive data (not sampled data..). I know some of my clients chose AT Internet ( ) for these reason sand are quite happy with it!

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