BUX Podcast 80: Jenna Defends Social Media Managers Everywhere

So Ben asks the question so many social media managers despise being asked,

So do you just play on Facebook and Twitter all day?

Well, it is likely that a social media manager would be posting content or communication with customers on Facebook or Twitter at some point during the day but that is just a drop in the bucket to what a social media manager does. Most businesses don’t even realize that there are actually thousands of social media sites, all with different purposes and audiences, where your customers could be spending their time.

A typical day could involve:

  • setting SMART goals
  • market research on the platforms where your target market “hangs out”
  • creating relevant, useful, meaningful content to share across your social media platforms
  • starting conversations, responding to questions, requests, asking questions to customers via social media platforms
  • analyzing data from a past social campaign
  • setting up strategies to engage your audience with your next social campaign
  • and also staying up to date on hot topics and trends in your industry, community and within your target market

These social media folks have to be smart, creative, analytical AND relevant.

So no, Ben, not just any high school drop-out could be a successful social media manager.

Setting up a social media profile with your business and posting periodically or not at all is not the proper way to mange your online presence. When used strategically and effectively social media can be a powerful engine to increase profits and awareness for your brand. Check out my article, 6 Things Your Social Media Manager Must Do To Expand Your Online Presence.

  1. Understands business goals
  2. Develops an online strategy
  3. Creates relevant content
  4. Engages with customers
  5. Analyzes data
  6. Stays up to date on social topics, trends & tools

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