BUX Podcast #76: Is Guest Blogging Worth the Hassle?

Guest Blogging: Is it worth the hassle?

The short answer is yes, guest blogging is totally worth it.

Russian Invasion from Guest Blogging

It’s just anecdotal, but our first experience was highly positive. Around 10 days ago, Ben wrote an article for the Usabilla Blog about how Windows 8 was DOOMED! (Cue ominous thunderclap.) That post got picked up/scraped by a popular Russian tech site and traffic went through the roof. Learn all the details, and why this particular post did so well.

russian version of blog post guest blogging

There’s also a little factoid there at the end about why FeedBurner RSS stats aren’t updating in your WordPress plugins.

BTW, does anybody know if using the term “Rooskies” to refer to Russians is offensive? I have a feeling it must be but I’m so far removed from the culture that I truly don’t know.

It’s a good one. (And Jenna wore her new pink headphones!)

Thanks for listening!


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