BUX Podcast #72: The Top 10 UX Articles of 2012

The stats are impressive.  The three of us are responsible for two articles and 1 podcast every week – 156 posts. 10s of thousands for visitors and many more pageviews. That’s quite a year!  Ben gets into the specifics in the first part of the podcast.

This week we decided to review the top articles as a way to reflect about the past year.  Listen in, follow along and enjoy!

Top 10 BUX articles of 2012 by traffic

1. 6 Things Your Homepage Must Do (to Keep from Sucking) March 7, Ben

2. 5 Secrets of Good UI Design from Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines Sept. 24th, Ben

3. Survey of 18 Time Tracking Tools for Freelancers March 9, Newman

4. 5 Amazing Websites that Use Parallax Scrolling to Improve the User Experience October 3, Jenna

5. Time Tracking App Review – Harvest March 2, Newman

6. The UX Toolbox: The UX Tools You Need to Get It Done October 31st, Jenna

7. 10 Awesome UX Blogs You’d be CRAZY Not to Follow December 19th, Jenna

8. 5 UX Geniuses We Love to Follow on Twitter March 28th, Ben and Newman

9. This is How You Begin to Make Your Website Better April 16th, Ben

10.  Time Tracking App Review – PayMo March 16th, Newman

Last year about this time we re-doubled our efforts to bring you (dear reader) a UX primer and basic inventory of tools and methods of the UX designer.  We’ve  grappled with introducing a new way of thinking about design and a new way of building the web.  And, we’ve tried our best to leave a map as a record of our work and interests.

Thanks for following along and see you next year!

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