6 Amazing UX Women You MUST Follow on Twitter

UX Women

No offense to you male UX professionals… I’m not trying to start a gender war, I swear! This is just a shout out to other women in the UX Community that are learning and sharing their opinion and expertise using blogs, podcasts and Twitter.

Lady web nerds of the world… UNITE! Just kidding.

How about Thundercats…. HO!

No? Nothing? Not funny at all? Okay…

Here are six ladies that I think are must-follows on Twitter.

1. Abby Covert

Title/Occupation: Information Architect
Company: Abby the IA, Self employed
Blog: abbytheia.wordpress.com/ 
Twitter: @Abby_the_IA

Abby Covert tweets multiple times a day about her personal life, travel, her own blog posts, often about UX design and interesting posts by others,
One of my favorite things about following Abby on Twitter is reading her posts about teaching at Parsons, The New School for Design, where she talks about her experiences there and shares slides from all her presentations.

2. Whitney Hess

Title/Occupation: User Experience Consultant
Company: Vicarious Partners
Blog: Pleasure and PainImproving the human experience one day at a time
Twitter: @whitneyhess

Whitney keeps us on our toes with her Twitter feed with her many interesting and humorous posts about daily life. Topics range from the topical (like hurricane Sandy) to things going on in her life and some great UX stuff too. After Sandy hit, Whitney took it upon herself to find out about everybody who died in the storm. She keeps a list of everybody and their stories on her website. Powerful, powerful stuff.


3. Allison House!

Title/Occupation: Product designer
Company: Dropbox
Blog: Mid Day LatteGood Work, Good Times
Twitter: @house

Allison is on Twitter throughout the day talking with other UX, design and web professionals all over the world. She tweets about useful design tools, blog articles, whats going on at Dropbox (they recently launched a new blog for “Dropbox for Teams” for Dropbox at Work), updates on her personal and professional life in “Fun Lovin + Non- Judgin San Francisco, CA.” (Plus, she has the Twitter handle @house. How mad was Fox and the producers behind the show House when they found out that was already taken?)

4. Jessica Ivins

Title/Occupation: UX Designer & Researcher
Company: self employed
Website: jessicaivins.net
Twitter: @jessicaivins

Jessica Ivins is awesome. I’ve enjoyed her tweets that encourage lady web professionals to get involved and all UX-ers to pursue public speaking. You can expect a tweet from her several times a day about her favorite things “red wine, craft beer, veggies, music & usable things.”

5. Jen Simmons

Title/Occupation: Web designer, strategist, developer, and teacher. Host of The Web Ahead
Company: The Web Ahead
Blog: The Web AheadA weekly podcast about changing technologies and the future of the web, discussing HTML5, mobile, responsive design, iOS, Android, and more.
Twitter: @jensimmons

Jen Simmons, host of The Web Ahead, shares links to her newest podcasts “…about changing technologies and the future of the web.” Also, a lot about life in NYC. She has been know to re-tweet great articles and tweets from her friends and followers.

6. Crystal Ehrlich

Title/Occupation: UX Consultant
Company: Design by Crystal
Website: crystalux.net
Twitter: @cbehrlich

Crystal is a hub of valuable information- she is always posting links to articles and podcasts that are informative and educational- especially the newest trends and technologies that influence UX. She often tweets out questions like “User Experience: What are the best information archtecture, user experience and visual design songs?”(using Quara.com) to get feedback from followers. What a perfect example of UX, INVOLVING THE USER. Kudos Crystal!

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