BUX Podcast #63: Claude Hopkins + Email Tools Rundown

It’s all about the foundations of our great, user-centered enterprise this week on the Podcast.  Ben and I this week’s two blog posts and find time to lament the dismal Carolina Panther’s season.

Charles aka “Big Money” Johnson – not flying that high, unless you measure the bank account.

Post Number One – 5 Stunningly Good Nuggets of Business Wisdom from One of History’s Greatest Ad Men

Claude Hopkins knows about turning user research into profits.  He breaks it all down in his books and Ben shares it with you in bite-size nuggets of tender, tasty wisdom.


Claude Hopkins

I was smart before everyone got dumb.


5. Learn the Value of a Dollar, Yours and Your Clients

4. Cultivate a Love of Work (and Gamify It)

3. Never Judge Humanity by Ourselves

2. Please People and You Can Sell Anything

1. Be Specific


Post Number Two – 5 Stunningly Good Nuggets of Business Wisdom from One of History’s Greatest Ad Men

Jenna cuts thru the noise to give you practical advice on choosing an email marketing tool.  Ben and I illustrate each of these topics with some stories and context of our own.

Hopkins and Dan Kennedy optimized bulk mail for this mailbox. They made the map that many email marketers still follow – with success. But is there more?

  1. Deliverability
  2. Usability
  3. Support
  4. Cost
  5. Template Attractiveness
  6. Social Integration
  7. Analytics

Ben’s Eureka moment:  We looked at Dan Kennedy’s website because of the density of content.  It’s like he hates whitespace.  Did he pick it up from Dr. Bonners? Actually, it’s one of Hopkin’s ideas for print bulk mail.  Hopkins drew the map and Kennedy has followed it with success.  He is having success with it on the Web as well with the same techniques and map.  But, could you replicated his success with this old map?

This reminded us of the quote from  ‘Too soon old, too late smart’ by Gordon Livingston Chapter one : “if the map doesn’t agree with the terrain, the map is wrong”.  The terrain of bulk mailing has shifted.  Everything has shifted.  Maps need to change.  Start a new map the way the old map makers did – Work hard.  Don’t follow the herd. Follow the users.

Bing Bong Boom – Happy Friday Yall!

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