BUX Podcast #57: Gamification!

Gamification Podcast

Where do numbers go to have fun?  Games, it’s gotta be games.  Ben and I jump into the topic of Gamification.  It’s a word.  It’s in the dictionary and you can see it everywhere.  From NFL.com to EpicWinApp, the elements and mechanics of games are being used to entice, engage and motivate users.  Tonight we spend a solid hour and a half thinking about and telling stories of gamification as we see it.

The data driven culture is inspiring a new way to build and measure websites – that’s what we have talked about with entropy and critical paths and testing.   That same culture is expressing itself with the gamification trend.  I honestly think its the data wanting to be used creatively.  Games are data wanting to have fun.  Of course, it IS Friday night.  What else would they be doing?

Numbers just wanna have fun

Discussed on the Podcast


  • Points
  • Badges
  • Leaderboards
  • Progress bars
  • Avatars
  • Challengnes
  • unlocks

Sports Commentary by XKCD :

Is Gamification UX?

CodeCademy – gamify learning

The game feedback loop

NBA Baller Beats game

The belt system in Karate

little moo email messages

Epic Win App

Lift app

Salesforce.com’s competitive stats

Slang is Gaming language – euphemisms

Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation and aligning audience with game element types

‘Creatively quantify’

UX in action // 5 Design Tricks Facebook Uses To Affect Your Privacy Decisions

The Nazi Ballot and Dark UX Patterns

Gaming the election – with Nate Silver

Nazi’s perfected the dark pattern. Really? Seriously? Is this photoshoped?

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