Updates to the UX Tool Directory

Hey Gang!

Just thought I would give the quick update to our list of UX tools directory. You can see the full list of UX Tools and Apps

Website Optimizer to Content Experiments

The google website optimizer is now ‘Content Experiments’ section in Google Analytics.  They did this to put all the tools for measuring, testing and optimizing your website all in one place.  That makes sense to me.  I’m looking forward to reviewing it in the future. For help in converting from the old to the new.


What is UXPin?Just ask Marcin, the CEO:

The UX Design app. In UXPin you can create wireframes, clickable prototypes (and yes you can start on paper and we’ll convert that to html), upload diagrams, personas – and put all of that in the context of your design story. Because every design is a story, right? – Marcin

This is a system of design prototyping that involves a web based app PLUS the ability to scan paper-based mockups and wireframes. They’ve got stuff to communicate the design process to all the stakeholders – That’s team collaboration tools! It’s worth checking out and possibly a review here on BUX.

KISSinsights to Qualaroo

Change is in the air.  Not to be out done by Google, the gang at KISS is changing up their survey tool formerly know as KISSinsights.  I’m not sure what’s changed other than the name – but Qualaroo is a cool sounding name.  Marsupials mean business!


We got a tip from John that this tool is worthy – FluidUI.  He writes:

We are a mobile prototyping tool which is UX focused and designed to help users quickly mockup an app and see it working & interact with it on a phone. Our extensive libraries enable users to create both low and high fidelity prototypes for iOs and Android devices & tablets.

Mobile first and always.  If you are thinking of starting a big -or your first-0mobile web project, this might save the day.

And, in brief, other tools we use and know

Inspectlet is updated recently with new visual design and some more usable filtering of userscreen video and heatmaps.  Swydo is a project management app for internet marketers – and who of us isn’t doing this?  Seems like this tool is really breaking new ground and will get some love here on the blog and podcast.  And, finally, WorkFlowy is a note taking app that some swear by.  It’s worth checking out just ’cause of the name – you know I love names.

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