Happy Birthday, dear a Better User Experience Blog and Podcast

I’m so happy to celebrate the 1st birthday of this blog and podcast.  It was one year ago today that Ben Snyder and I first hit the record button during our conversations about building the web and the wild world of freelance web business.  The Ben and Newman Show was born as an idea to collaborate, to share our experiences and to connect with a wider group of people like us – those who struggle to understand how to build a better  a better website.

Our first year has been a ragging success.  The numbers are impressive – over 34,000 viewers. 50 podcasts, and 100 posts.  Over 850 tweets and 275 followers on Twitter.  We’ve covered the fundamental laws of the universe and $5 tools to survey your website.  We’ve been drinking on the air and interviewed some very intelligent people.

I’m proud to be a part of this endeavor.  It’s exactly how I imagine a learning community should work.  We ask and answer questions.  We research and analyze.  We dream up big ideas and we experiment.  We connect with people from all over the place.  And, we do it as authentically and as real as we can.  I’m a much better designer today because of BUX.

I’m glad you are reading and happy to continue to share our experiences as we go forward.

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