BUX Podcast #53: What is Marketing Automation All About?

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation.  Marketing Automation?  Marketing Automation!!.  It used to be called email marketing automation, but now new tools and techniques are going beyond the inbox.  The cutting edge is getting dull enough for us here at BUX to handle it …

And, yet it still blows our mind.  Listen to this podcast to witness an hour and half of us fumbling toward understanding.  I just got it and can barely say it.  But, that doesn’t stop us from trying.

Here are ideas:

Marketing programs should be personal.  Personal is good.  Personal doesn’t scale.  Automation does scale. Automation isn’t personal… yet.  Automation generally lacks ‘high definition’ – it’s based on too few data points.  What if programs took into acccount all that data that’s generated by people on a website or web app?  The answer is that it would be better.  It would be more personal.  AND it could scale.  If this, then that – until the cows come home.  And, by cows come home, I mean you get money.

Cuddle a data nerd – Phrase meaning you shouldn’t be scared of data or the people who understand it.

Digital Slime – the stuff (data points, tracks, click-thrus, etc) that you track and cast off while moving through the digital space.

Magical system – Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Arthur C. Clarke

Where is our permanent record?

“Buy your own reality” and “Pay money to turn off political ads” – The possible outcome of the echo chamber effect of re-marketing lists and empowered data use.


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