BUX Podcast #51: Olympics and Google Analytics

As thunderstorms stomp around the worldwide BUX headquarters, Ben and I settle in to discuss our current interests – the Olympics and Google Analytics.

The Olympics

It may be the peak of human physical achievement and it’s gotten there by constant measurement (aka the science of sport).  We also talk about the 5 things they don’t want you to know about the Olympics.  Number 5 is that the Olympic village is really a sex party that requires 100,000 condoms to sustain itself.  Ben has some thoughts about doping and why it SHOULD be allowed.

Google Analytics

It’s funny what happens with you read the spam-like newsletters clogging your inbox.  Ben discovered one about all the new hotness at Google Analytics.  He explains Remarketing in detail and we go into how it works and why it’s not like big brother.  Ben also breaks down Content Experiments (the former Google Web Site Optimizer) and Event Tracking

Once again we convene to give you our thoughts from the front lines of web building.  Thanks for listening and see you next time.

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