BUX Podcast #46: An Interview with WalkMe

It’s Friday errbody and that means it’s time for another BUX podcast. On this week’s edition Newman is busy tubing down the Dan river for his 40th birthday so the good folks at WalkMe were nice enough to step in for an interview. (Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEWMAN!)

The story of how we came to know Danielle and the rest of the crew at WalkMe all started with a Facebook message. I feel like a jerk for bringing it up absolutely every time I talk about them because they’re more than just a pretty face.

But they’ve got the pretty face thing covered too.

I’m not lying.

As it happened, I was looking for a walk-thru solution for a client of mine so I was very excited to take the tool for a spin. We loved the tool and have been looking to have the WalkMe folks on ever since.

In today’s podcast, we sit down and have a nice chat. And I found out two things for sure:

1. Apparently I did some stuff wrong when I setup my walk-thru that I talked about in my review (you can view the walk-thru by clicking on it, it’s in the bottom right part of your screen).
2. They are constantly updating and adding functionality to their tool. For example, now you can include videos in your walk-thru bubbles. Really cool.

A big thanks to everybody at WalkMe for engaging with us and for coming on the podcast!

And Danielle, I promise, this is the last time I bring the hot thing up. 🙂

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