Better User Experience Podcast #45: WordPress, the Start Up Spirit, and How to Get Clients

Oh man, it’s Friday AND it’s the Friday before a holiday AND it’s a Friday on the early side of summer so you know that we’re itching to get outside and on the road.

Newman has a tubing trip planned that he couldn’t be happier about and I’m working on a new website for my company, yay!

Today, we dive into the idea of how to get new clients, when you’re hurting for money. Along the way we get sidetracked talking about WordPress.

This past week, Newman and I have been working on building a site for Joey Boats. And it seems like working on the site requires enough knowledge in enough disciplines to always keep one off balance.

Newman digs into capitalism and I try to wrangle him into thinking of it as “dominator culture”. It gets weird y’all.

We finally turn that into a discussion on how to get client digitally and in the real world before wrapping things up.

With a little luck, next week we’ll have a guest with us on the podcast. I won’t tell you who it is directly except to say that she’s a UX professional and I kinda think she’s a pro dancer, for real.

If we can get our schedules worked out, I’ll ask her.

We’ll see you next week!

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