Better User Experience Podcast #43 – Woopra and Live Chat Tools

Hey Gang!  Thanks for tuning in to the 43rd podcast.  Tonight we are talking about last week’s post – Woopra and Live Chat tools for the UX designer.

It’s a Miller Lite kinda night.

The Gist: Woopra really helps you picture the user.  There are people on your website right now.  They have a name. They work at places like the CIA and the NIH.   The important thing about this type of observation – They don’t know they are being watched, so they don’t change their behavior.  It sort of feels like spying.  And, it feels so guilty good.  Like a midnight snack or coldstone ice-cream.

The Gist #2: Live Chat Support tools should be a UX designers / researcher’s best friend.  Where else are you going to catch a User having an authentic problem on your site.  It’s the next best thing to being in an actual physical space.  Is it creepy / annoying to initiate the contact?  Maybe some users will be annoyed, but I figure the majority will welcome the chance to interact with a REAL person.  Those types of interaction are a gold mine for a UX / HCI researcher.

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and last but not least – you heard it here first:

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