BUX Podcast #41:Recruiting User Testers and Judging Design Critics

Ben and I take the time to review our posts this week.  And, get sidetracked on the usual topics.  Kick back and relax.  Happy Friday to you and yours!

On today’s podcast we talk over this week’s posts:

We also talk about the following websites:

Newman goes through his main points about criticism:

  • Criticism is a skill
  • Criticism is an important part of design
  • Criticism should be taught and practiced

Then we get into talking about some…

Cool Tech!

We are runaway impressed with the “Kickstarter Watch”. It’s called the Pebble and it’s a bad ass e-ink smart watch. But don’t take our word for it, check the link for a great demo video.

Then we run through two great ways to implement javascript tooltip tours on your website. There’s the really elegant WalkMe and the jQuery framework called Joyride. Which one do you need? Depends on your level of coding skill and whether you want a free or pay option. But really, you can’t go wrong with either one.

And just because you know you want to see this, it’s…

Animals getting drunk!

The Intoxicating Marula Trees of South Africa (original narration by Randall) – YouTube – Sorry no embedding code

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