BUX Podcast #40: Thoughts on the Google Penguin Update

GREEETINGS Radio Listeners!

This is another Friday night party-style podcast…kinda.  It’s Party-style style because we’re drinking PBR and celebrating a long and productive week.  It’s ‘Kinda’ because we got serious stuff to say.  Almost in spite of ourselves, we manage to produce some cogent thoughts about SEO.  Cogent means ‘reasonable’ and we talk in a reasonable way.  Of course, we curse in this one.

It’s good for you. 

Ben is a recovering SEO person… I want you to know this before you listen to this.  My exp with SEO?  I watched a Lynda.com video course on it and called it good.  Regardless, gaming google is not a good way. Getting close to your users is good.  And, that’s tonight’s topic for discussion.

After this Podcast you should be able to answer:

  • What is SEO?
  • How did the recent ‘Penguin Update’ affect sites?
  • What does Google want?
  • What does ‘Nerf’ mean in the context of this penguin update?
  • True or False: ‘Penguin is appropriate”
  • Why do we rank for “Show me the money”?
  • Should you optimize for Google?
  • Should you optimize for your users?
  • Are we just being naive?
  • Is PBR liquid shit?

Listen up! There will NOT be a test on this for the Penguin Update.  If you did want to study up on how Penguin effected small biz – click here (!).

Please don’t take this the wrong way. “We’re just sayin”

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