BUX Podcast #36: Alfonso de la Nuez, co-founder and co-CEO of UserZoom

What a cool podcast we have for you today.

I had a chance to chat with Alfonso de la Neuz, the co-founder and co-CEO of UserZoom over Skype and he drops knowledge. For reals.

To this point, I’ve reviewed their software, and have gone through a pilot study. It seemed high time to sit down with with Alfonso to get to the bottom of the whole UserZoom thing. They were early to market, they’ve carved out a unique niche in the market, and they really seem to have a vision for what user testing and survey testing can be on the web.

In today’s chat we have a chance to reminisce over old tech, (Remember US Robotics modems? How about that handshake sound?), I learn that Alfonso got a scholarship to play NCAA basketball as a point guard, and we chat about Facebook and Instagram.

And all of that is in-between the good stuff! 🙂

Other high notes

– Alfonso talks about the different kinds of tools that you need in your UX toolkit and where they fit in the process.

– We talk about branding. “The experience is the brand.”

– I make a point about the users of UX tools being either UX amateurs or UX professionals. Alfonso turns that around and describes it as immature UX users (and tools) and mature UX users and tools.

– Who is more UX focused? The US or Europe?

– We talk about the mother of all user testing industries – the automotive industry.

– Alfonso talks about his time at Dell. We talk about Gateway and the awesomeness of Apple.

– I ask him about designing better surveys and that surveys seem like they should be about testing assumptions. Because the assumptions are of your user’s expectations. And unmet expectations are what create friction. This part alone is worth the listen. Really.

It’s a solid hour of UX podcasty goodness on what’s shaping up to be a beautiful Friday.

Have a great weekend!

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