Better User Experience Podcast #30: Harvest Review and Software as a Service

Hey People! It’s Monday and Monday means it’s time for a new podcast.  This Monday feels like a party.  I’m back from my dreadful sickness and cold from last week- as evidenced in last week’s podcast.  I was poopy. I’m better now and ready to start documenting things that can be used against me in the future.

What can you expect from this longish podcast?  Well, Ben and I talk about time and data.  About being a cog in someone else’s machine vs your own machine.  Entrepreneurial insights in dealing with this modern landscape of tools and technology… yep, that’s what you can expect.

And, we get into my review of the Harvest app.  I confess that I may be  prejudice towards hipster, NYC, designer-types.   [I like my hipsters from the Mid-West, I suppose.  Whatever –  if the skinny jeans fit, wear ’em.] Then, we jump into our issues with pricing and value and Software as a Service.  It’s not that all these services (like Harvest) aren’t valuable or worth it – it’s the principle of the matter.  Looking back – I’m feeling like a bigot [towards hipsters] and a miser. Well, I hope to overcome these things and grow.  Talking it out helps.  So, thank you and enjoy the show.

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