The Ben and Newman Show Podcast #003

Newman has the bright idea this week to give you guys show notes for our podcast. You’ll see links to The Booth at the End and a video on the double-slit experiment below. Be sure to check those out. Quantum physics is a favorite topic of mine and The Booth at the End is a really great show. It’s not directly related to web usability but as you’ll hear in the podcast, you can see a vague similarity.

And that ??:?? below… that goes to the validity and reliability part of the podcast. We can’t remember when we talked about it but we didn’t want to deprive you of the link. So, bam!, there it is.

Podcast Show Notes:

2:41 – The Tools
5:20 – The Booth at the End
12:17 – Motorcycle
13:30 – Terminology
15:51 – Quantum Physics
17:54 – Justify Design Decisions
21:00 – Monkey wants a banana
25:00 – Design of e-commerce
27:00 – Summary

??:?? – Validity and Reliability

The Double-Slit Experiment by Dr. Quantum

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