BUX Podcast 102: An Interview with Nathan Ellering from CoSchedule

Nathan Ellering CoSchedule

We’re back! It’s been a little more than two and a half years since we last did a podcast. It took us longer than we thought to find a new intro song. :p

We wanted to come back with a bang and we think we did that! Our favorite new tool to use in the office is CoSchedule. CoSchedule makes it easy to create and publish content. If that sounds like marketing-speak, it’s not. It actually really does what it says it does: it makes content easy to create and publish.

CoSchedule is based around a monthly calendar view and includes tools to create blogs and share them across your social networks.

You can save hours of time by using social templates. Social templates allow you to create a posting schedule across all of your networks for months into the future. Create the social template or templates that work for your needs, apply them to your blogs, and forget about scheduling everything manually.

Have you ever wondered what time of day was best to publish your social media posts? Forget about it. With CoSchedule, their algorithms compute the best time and can automatically do it for you.

I’m really just scratching the surface of what CoSchedule does.

But you can see why we had to talk to them. We’ve been using CoSchedule for around a month and it’s really changed how we approach our content strategy with our clients. The two biggest changes for us have been:

  1. It takes a lot of pain points for creating and publishing blogs and either minimizes them or does away with them completely. It takes tasks that previously would have taken an hour or more and turns them into 5-10 minute tasks that are more enjoyable to do.
  2. By taking away those pain points and by keeping track of shares/likes, etc., it really allows us to focus on creating content that works. It makes blogging more about the content and the numbers and less about the “doing” parts of creating a blog. All while getting better results than what we were doing before.

After digging into it and sort of having our minds blown, we reached out to them and Nathan Ellering was nice enough to agree to an interview.

If content marketing is your thing, you should definitely check out the podcast, then check out CoSchedule, then drop Nathan a line and tell him you heard him on the podcast. I’m sure he’d dig it. Oh, and subscribe to their newsletter. I wouldn’t just say that. It’s one of the few newsletters I look forward to reading. Lots of good tips.

Their resource library is on point too with an editorial calendar kit, social media kit, and project management kit free to download.

And do you want to write better headlines? Of course you do. They’ve got you covered with their Headline Analyzer.

It’s CoSchedule, your new favorite thing.

Special thanks to bensound.com for the music used in the podcast.

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