BUX Podcast 99: Improve Your Online Strategy With Bottlenose

Introducing Bottlenose

On today’s podcast we talk with Adam Blumenfeld, Director of Client Digital Strategies at Bottlenose, about their sweet digital tool that is helping enterprise brands, global agencies as well as digital agencies and small/medium businesses improve their online strategy. And let me just say, this tool has impressed the hell out of me.

Bottlenose is an online tool unlike any other in today’s social media monitoring marketplace. This is primarily due to its advanced semantics, analytics, and trend detection algorithms that help you find more of what you want, with less noise, in real-time. Not to mention it has a great user interface that (according to Adam) anyone 8-80 could use. It’s used by marketers for searching, monitoring, analyzing, targeting and engaging…in real-time. They work with such brands as Pepsi and Warner Bros.

Adam proved to be a great resource about today’s social arena due to his extensive experience working with and for other social media monitoring tools and agencies before coming to work at Bottlenose. He actually discovered Bottlenose while working for the global digital agency, Razorfish, vetting online tools. Turns out, after using Bottlenose for a year, he believed in the product enough to become an employee and advocate. And the more I learn about this product, I can see why.

Adam introduced us to the term, “trendfluence” (trend + influence) that Bottlenose has recently trademarked. Trendfluence has to do with the ability to achieve a real-time understanding of issues, topics, influence, influencers, sentiment and more- something you can do with Bottlenose. Additionally, having the ability to discover the “WHY” in social media and online marketing through its advance advance technology that can trace a trend or topic back to it’s original post or tweet quickly and easily.

So, what can you do with Bottlenose?

  • Visualize live social listening, social analytics, discovery and insights
  • Achieve smarter community management and engagement
  • Utilize social SEO, social advertising and live keyword discovery
  • Watch live social media campaign monitoring
  • Receive early-warning and opportunity detection

Below is a screen shot of my favorite feature of Bottlenose, it’s sonar view. To my knowledge, no other tool has this view of global intelligence.

bottlenose online strategy

I am currently using Bottlenose every day to monitor conversations, topics and trends within my own social networks. Also to find which topics are trending globally to discover what my next blog post should be and what content to be sharing across my social networks. For more on how to use Bottlenose for finding content topics, check out my article, Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy With Bottlenose,

Bottlenose is still in Beta. They currently have a free “lite” version but have not determined if this version will stick around permanently or what features the free version will offer.  Keep your eyes peeled for the launched of the product in the next few months.

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