BUX Podcast 100: We Celebrate 100 Podcast Episodes

I remember saving our first podcast to upload to the server. I had to name it. And it seemed obvious to start the name by giving it the number of the podcast. I decided to start it with “001”, which even at the time I thought was a bit presumptuous. But today, we’re rolling the dial to number 100, baby! WOOHOO!

Today, I’m joined by Jenna Curry here at the office and Newman Lanier all the way from the sunny shores of Key West. They’re my other two partners in crime on this podcast.

We take a look back at the first days, and why we made that intro with the mechanical “It’s the Ben and Newman Show” bit. We go into what we were doing at work and why we came up with the topics we did and how the book “The Information” took us on a weird, but helpful, philosophical journey where the laws of thermodynamics were applied to UX.

When we get into discussing the interviews, Newman talks about his first interview he did and how nervous he was. We recap some of our favorites and re-discuss the importance of seeing UX as something larger than “the testing people”.

If you’re looking for the best of the best in interviews, see Alfonso de la Nuez from UserZoom, Dan Brown from EightShapes, or Paul Veugen from Usabilla.

We talk about how Jenna first got started being on the podcast (hint: she was a guest first) and how she’s changed things for the better.

If you’ve listened to previous episodes, you’ll get a chance know more about your favorites. If this is your first listen to us, we hope it makes you want to go back and check out the archive.

We’re going to be switching things up for the next episode and we’ll debut our new intro/outro!

Thanks for being with us through these first 100 episodes. We can wait to celebrate a hundred more!

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