Awesome Business Card Designs That Will Make You Unforgettable

A Collection of Awesome Business Card Designs

I have been fortunate to work with some clients recently that see the value in having awesome business cards that sets them apart from the competition. Anyone can spend $15 on a set of 15pt rectangular business cards from VistaPrint, but companies and individuals are going the extra mile using unusual textures, materials, shapes and design elements to make in impact on prospective clients or customers.

I spent some time collecting several on the Little Wing Marketing Pinterest Board that I found to be very impactful, memorable and often times down-right useful. Let me know what you think.

My favorite awesome business card design 🙂

1. I get a ton of compliments on our Little Wing Marketing’s Luxe Business Cards from People love the thickness (.28pt), texture, bright colors, and the friendly logo.

LWM Business Cards from Moo       Take 2

Some more awesome business card designs on Pinterest.

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Check out samples of how some creative professionals have turned business cards into experiences for their potential customers.

A wooden business card with contact info burned onto it, a bike repair tool and flat tire repair business card, adding hair pins to a simple business card for effect, interesting typography and more.

Awesome Business Card Designs Pinterest Board 

I hope you enjoyed these awesome business card designs. Make sure to follow us on Pinterest so you can see which ones are added over time. If you have some awesome business card design examples, please share links in the comments!

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