How To Embed Instagram Videos On Your Wordpess Blog

Have you been wondering how to embed Instagram Videos on your WordPress blog?

While doing some research on Instagram’s newest feature, Instagram Video, I was irritated that I had to keep leaving the articles to view the videos on Instagram. Fortunately,  @labnol, personal technology columnist and founder of Digital Inspiration, a widely-read tech and how-to blog since 2004 has developed an easy to use tool to embed Instagram Videos on your WordPress Blog or website.

The tool is called Embed Instagram and I used it to embed Instagram Videos into my lastest article, How Brands Are Incorporating Instagram Video Into Their Content Strategy.

embed instagram

Follow the example below of the first video shared on Instagram from Michelle Obama of Students performing a welcome ceremony at MLK Middle School in Africa

Step 1: From your Instagram stream, view the “Video Page” for the Instagram Video.

view video page.jpg

Step 2: All you do is copy the url of the Video Page hosed in Instagram

copy link from video page.jpg

Step 3: Paste the link into the Embed Instagram Generator and you will see a preview of the video. By default, the size is 612 x 612, but you can edit this in your code once you paste in your WordPress Blog or website.

embed instagram video

Step 4: Copy the line of code produced by the generator and paste it into the Text tab or HTML of your WordPress Blog or website.

Until Instagram develops the functionality to share directly from Instagram like you can do with videos in YouTube and with Vine, this tool is a great alternative. It sure beats only sharing an image with a url to Instagram, thus sending visitors off your page.

It’s important to note that Instagram doesn’t allow users to attach any Creative Commons style licenses to uploaded media so it best practice to get a confirmation from the Instagram user before using their media on your WordPress blog or website.

It has also come to my attention that videos are not appearing in Firefox. I have contacted the creator of the tool for any insight into this issue.

5 comments on “How To Embed Instagram Videos On Your Wordpess Blog

  1. Thank you for this. I need to incorporate short videos into my WordPress blog. I would really love to upload videos from my iphone 5 to my self-hosted WP blog, but I’m concerned that folks viewing with something other than Safari or without Quicktime may not be able to view the video that’s in .mov. I thought Instagram might provide an alternative. I know it’s super new, so I’ll try to use this method. I’m not sure where you get the Embed Instagram Generator…is it a plug-in? tyvm

  2. I tried both Instaembed and Embedinstagram to embed Instagram video to my wordpress blog. Both worked when viewed on Safari, but neither worked when viewed on Firefox where I got the ‘No video with supported format & MIME type found.” Is there any not too difficult way I can change the format so it will work on all the major browsers? tyvm

  3. Any new developments on Instagram videos embedded in WordPress blogs NOT playing on the Firefox browser? Pretty common browser. They do play on Chrome and Safari.

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