BUX Podcast 93: How to Get More Leads on LinkedIn with Tom Signorello

On today’s podcast we had a chance to catch up with LinkedIn guru Tom Signorello. Following in the footsteps of Lewis Howes, Tom Signorello helps people get the most out of LinkedIn. The biggest mistake that people make with their LinkedIn profile is that they treat it like their online resume. Post it and move on with your life.

lewis howes is who tom signorello believes in

Tom had a lot to talk about on the podcast including how to optimize your profile in LinkedIn to come up first (or near the top) of LinkedIn search results. He talks about calls-to-action and how to use them on your profile to get more people to click on your links.

If you’re looking to grow your networks to meet new people, Tom also has a secret for getting into people’s networks using LinkedIn groups.

If you wish you could get more recommendations to your profile, rather than spamming your network asking for recommendations, give one first. 80% of the time, the person you recommend will return the favor.

Tom covers this and more on today’s podcast. It’s a good one.

Thanks Tom for joining us!

2 comments on “BUX Podcast 93: How to Get More Leads on LinkedIn with Tom Signorello

  1. i left to Lewis few messges about this said subject above, frankly, i don’t buy it.
    i have 272 connections, don’t get me wrong i care about them but they are not provide me with new opprtunity of work, nor, business opprtunity.
    i am just courious to know how this will work, how this is going to change my bad luck in the last 4 1/2 years of being unemployed and not working, how it is going to change my luck for the 2 babies that born between, or the connection with my family?
    you let me know or figure it out, how i can going to get some leads that lead to job offer!
    thank you,
    oded cohen

  2. Hello, Oded.

    Sorry to hear about the challenges that you have faced over the past few years. It appears that you have had your share of “bad luck”.

    Rather than being negative about a Social Media platform or the circumstances surrounding your misfortune, you may want to look at ways to improve yourself and work on your personal development, thereby making you more valuable to the world and the workplace.

    There are a number of things that can be done in this area, the first being taking a look at oneself. Ask yourself the question, “Would I hire me?” If yes, then there is no need to do anything different. Keep on doing what you are doing and you will continue to keep getting what you have been getting. Or … looking at a the positive side of things and the possibilities going forward.

    Not to be critical, but when posting on a blog like this that things are “terrible” and “nobody wants me”, you are actually “repelling” the people who are in a spot to help you. When posting in the future, may I suggest being positive and being a resource for others. “Give to the world”. In doing so, the world will “give back” ten-fold!

    Best wishes for your success,

    Carpe Diem!

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