BUX Podcast 91: UX Business Cards: What Does Putting UX In Your Job Title Mean?


I saw some UX business cards the other day and it got me to wondering just what that meant. The term “UX” is hot. There are seminars about it, books about it, and job titles to reflect people’s new found love of UX. When it comes to job titles, this is where I think things get interesting.

For one thing, what does it mean? How does somebody who does UX differ from somebody who doesn’t? What’s the difference between a designer and a UX designer? Is it tools and methods? Can you do wireframes, look at analytics, and be a lean or agile developer and throw UX on your business card? Is that what “UX” means?

UX business cards

In today’s podcast we dig beneath the hype to understand what a client should expect from somebody who puts the term “UX” in their job title. It’s more than just UX business cards.

For more, check out what Whitney Hess has to say on the situation. She has a great article that sounds like it was inspired by Jeff Foxworthy titled, “You’re Not a User Designer If…” that has some really smart things to say on the topic.

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