The State of Infographics in 2013 (In One Infographic)

Infographics are a big deal. It turns out that the old adage “people don’t read online” is pretty much true. Take for instance this topic. If I had written a well thought out state of infographics in 1,000 words, you probably wouldn’t have clicked on the article (unless there was an exceedingly catchy title). And then, you would have skimmed rather than read.

It’s not just you. It’s all of us.

This is a big reason why infographics are so huge. Because it also turns out that people like to learn things in bite size nuggets. And infographics present a perfect chance to learn about things in just this way.

I can tell you that infographics are tweeted out 6 times as often as an article, but I guarantee you that you’d rather see it in a graph, like below.

So if you want to present information in a way that people will both read and share, here’s a great infographic on topic.

The State of Infographics

Infographic by Top Marketing Schools

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