BUX Podcast 85: Social Media Success Stories

Social Media Success Stories

Who doesn’t love social media success stories? On Wednesday, Jenna took a look at ways brands have been able to use social media to drive engagement with their customers. On today’s podcast, we look at a few of those social media success stories from Wednesday and talk about a few that didn’t make it into the article.

If you’ve been curious about how, exactly, to run a social media campaign, these are some really good ideas that you can take and build off of. Plus, who doesn’t like hearing about fun stories about stuff that happened on the Internet? On Good Friday, no less?

On this podcast we cover:

  • How Oreo won the Superbowl with a well timed tweet
  • How Grey Poupon makes you earn being a member of their social networks
  • How Honda got traction on Pinterest
  • And more…

Happy Easter everybody. And remember. You can still dunk in the dark.

Oreo Wins the Superbowl - Social Media Success Stories

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