Podcast #73: Meet Dave Soper from Signnovate. He Does Real World Street Analytics.

On today’s podcast, Ben and I met with the lead researcher and founder of Signnovate, Dave Soper, to talk about how their digital sign technology supplies advance analytics for market research. We originally learned about Dave and Signnovate at the Internet Summit in Raleigh a few months back. Turns out, they were testing out one of their products in Downtown Wilmington, NC and we wanted to learn more about it. We figured we’d record the good info so we could share it with you guys! (yup, that’s what we do!).

Ben and I were fascinated at the advance technology behind what was capturing analytics from people that stood in front of their digital signs. “So….much….good…data!” I thought. We talk about that, sign interactivity, touch-screens, marketing, foot-traffic, messaging, NFC’s and a lot of other geeky topics to get your wheels turning!

We met Dave at our public library, in a public meeting room, so you might hear some background noise as we had some librarians visit us during the podcast to fetch books from the book return. One actually had to “shhhh” us at one point (sorry!). It was my first live, remote podcast, so the experience was new to me and the library too… but it was fun!

Dave is a brilliant guy who was fun to chat with and listen to.  Although I was pretty quiet during the interview, I took copious notes and learned a lot. As you’ll find out while listening to the podcast, he’s an expert on the subject-matter and is great at communicating his thoughts and ideas. He understood that this is an educational podcast, and really “fleshed-out” a lot of marketing and business concepts for me (and you) to understand.

On a side note, Ben and I were super flattered to find out he’d become a “fan” of sorts of ours while perusing our articles and listening to previous podcasts. I was FLOORED when he actually quoted something from “podcast 71”. Ah-mazing.

You can learn more about Dave and Signnovate here:





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