BUX Podcast #70: An Interview with Sean Ellis, Founder and CEO of Qualaroo

An intro to Qualaroo

There are some fantasy football players reading this right now who are saying “Sean Ellis from the New York Jets and New England Patriots?”

And you guys are hilarious.

But no, we are not interviewing the former NFL player, Shaun Ellis, from the NY Jets. It’s the OTHER  Sean Ellis! You know, the founder and CEO of Qualaroo!

And lemme ask you this…

Do you Qualaroo?

Qualaroo is a qualitative online survey tool. Truthfully, we are much better served by interviewing Shaun because we are far more interested in tools that make websites work better for business than retired NFL players.

So what is Qualaroo? You might know it better as KISSInsights, as it was before Sean Ellis acquired it this year to further grow and develop its capabilities. With Qualaroo, you can create smart-looking surveys that show up at the bottom corner of your website and get feedback from users so that you can make informed decisions and drive meaningful results.

Survey Example…

Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 3.29.18 PM

Here are some of Qualoroo’s features:

  • Choose what type of response you want; you can have radio buttons, multiple-answer checkboxes, or open text fields (which are great for QUALITATIVE DATA)
  • Advanced targeting- you can customize which users have access to the survey such as only returning visitors, only users on your whitelist or only new visitors.
  • Advanced customization for WHEN users get the survey. For example “Show the survey only to returning visitors who have been viewing the page for more than 50 seconds” to get user feedback on specific pages when the user has been there a specific period of time.
  • Ask several questions in one go
  • Receive email notifications of responses.
  • Once the code has been added to your website, you can create and launch surveys entirely from within the Qualaroo control panel.

During the interview, we learned a lot about optimization, usability and understanding users and how they relate to iterating and improving websites.

Sean and his team have added a new feature called the “nudge” It is called Nudge, which is a personalized prompt at the end of a survey that encourages an action such as signing up, trying a feature or becoming a paying customer.  The targeting is personalized based on a user’s response to a survey question.

Nudge Example

Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 3.29.54 PM

It’s a great tool that will give you great insights about what your customers think and feel in real time! Did I mention they have a FREE PLAN?!



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