BUX Podcast #66: How to Increase Revenue with the UX Honeycomb

Meet the UX Honeycomb

In today’s 10-minute BUX podcast, Newman makes a rare in-office apperance!

For most of the last three months he’s been elsewhere, in Lumberton working on his new home, drifting west with Joey Boats, and soon, down to the Keys, up to Cali and then, maybe up to Alaska. Call him the BUX wanderer.

At any rate, he joins me this week to talk about the UX Honeycomb.

They honeywha? Don’t worry, we gotcha covered.

Peter Morville's UX Honeycomb

The idea we hash out in this podcast is that the UX honeycomb is a great way to talk about a website.

When it comes to trying to improve it, rather than get in the usual arguments, approach it by talking about these characteristics. Have the participants rank a website (or whatever digital property you’re talking about) on each one of these attributes from 1-10 (10 being high) and then take it from there. With this process, you’ll avoid the common pitfalls of discussing how to improve a website.

By improving the communication about the website, you can have better conversations between the designers and business leaders/owners. You’ll have the right conversation and be able to talk about how best to update the site.

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