BUX Podcast #60: An Interview with Andrew Higashi from the Gamification Company Gigya

A few weeks back, Newman and I did a podcast on Gamification. If I remember right, he ends that one talking about how much he thought it was a good podcast. And I’m sure it was. But it was still just two knuckleheads talking about something that interested them.

That’s why we’ve brought in Andrew Higashi. He’s the Senior Account Executive for Corporate Accounts at Gigya, the industry leader in social gamification.

In our interview we discuss what gamification is, what cool things companies are doing with it, and how it can help your business.

Andrew highlights several websites that are doing really fun and interesting things with gamification, including:

If you’d like to get in touch with Andrew to talk more about how Gigya can help your website or business, you can reach him at:

Office: (650) 352-1621
E-mail: higashi@gigya-inc.com
Connect via LinkedIn

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