BUX Podcast #58: We Welcome Jenna Curry to BUX!

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! It feels pretty spectacular to have a whole podcast dedicated to ME and what I’ll be bringing to the BUX “table” (content, often. food, rarely). Even it was only 26 minutes, I’ll totally take it. 😀

I’m excited to be the newest addition to the BUX Team and its first female contributor. I must say, I think this blog will certainly benefit from a female perspective and if nothing else, it will at least look like Ben and Newman actually know a female. 😛  The blog has been around at just over a year, and now is a great time to mix it up. So lets start mixing!

For starters, I bring a different background of professional experience into the mix. Before joining forces with Ben at Little Wing Marketing, I was the Director of Marketing for a marketing, public relations and events company in Wilmington, NC. For the last 5 years, I was working with area businesses (hotels, restaurants, contractors, small business owners), organizations (a whole bunch of non-profits) and individuals (about a dozen political campaigns) to generate awareness, improve public perception and (of course) increase revenue. My primary responsibilities included: client relations, brand development, graphic design (websites too), copy writing and media planning.

I am looking forward to contributing FASCINATING, EDUCATIONAL and (hopefully) some ENTERTAINING content to the blog. I hope you will read the articles and listen to the podcasts and provide feedback in the comments section. I want to know what YOU think! And even more than that, I’d really like to have more page views than Ben and Newman.

In today’s podcast, we talked about DMX and watched a clip of him freaking out when he was trying to use Google to “google himself” for the first time. Now, this could be the case of a usability issue or perhaps its a case of being locked up the past few years and never having any need to know how to use a computer…in either case, the jury is out.

We also talked about the main man in my life, Sherman. A.K.A. Shermanator, Shermmeister, The Tank, Shermington Wigglesworth, Shermy and Sherm-Dawg to name just a few.

Sherman enjoys walks to the intracoastal, eating Num Nums (Ben calls anything Sherman eats this), dressing in ironic t-shirts (see photo), devouring bananas in a single bite, receiving excessive belly rubs, getting sympathy for his gimp leg and riding in the front seat while creating abstract art with his nose on my window.

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