BUX Podcast #56: Taking Your Website from 0 to 60 with Charles Cummings

American Civil War history… stick with me here…. is about stories.  Joshua Lawerence Chamberlin yells out “Fix bayonets”Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson addresses the First Brigade.  It’s an incredible time in our national history. That’s true.  But, the history is locked away in dry reports and records, books and videos.  There’s much more to the History than the tired old stories in “Gods and Generals” and Ken Burns specials.

I’m not knocking Ken Burns – god no.  But, I am saying that for every story he put in his documentaries, there are thousands more.  Every town, every family and every soldier has a story to tell.  The fortunate thing is that there are people out there trying to tell those stories – These  people work in small museums and historical societies in towns all over the eastern US.

Here’s the problem.  These little museums aren’t hip to the whole internet thing.  They need a website.  They need an iTunes podcast.  They need youtube.  They need Charles Cummings’ American Civil War Today website.

I’m very excited to introduce my good friend and colleague, Charles.  He is a amateur civil war historian and a brand new website owner.  He and I built a website to relate civil war history.  To tell the stories that aren’t been told and to help the civil war community into the internet age.

In the past few weeks Charles has dived into web publishing head first.  We wrote down all the tools and sites we’ve used:  Bluehost, WordPress, WooThemes, Adsense, Google Analytics, YouTube, Twitter, Inspectlet, Amazon Associates, NotePad++ with FTP, Camtasia, Picasa, FileZilla, iTunes, Feedburner, and LinkedIn.

It’s a pretty cool podcast.  Enjoy.

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