BUX Podcast #48: Bingo! A Three Way (call) with Jenna Curry

Hello Radio Listeners!

Happy Friday to you and a Happy Friday to us because we have a special Guest – Jenna Marbles!

… Wait, it’s not Jenna Marbles, the crazy annoying yet somehow very watchable youtube star?  Oh, it’s another Jenna… who is just a crazy but only not as annoying – Hooray!

One point here: Aren’t ALL youtube stars crazy annoying and yet somehow very watchable?

in other news…

On today’s Episode of BUX Official Podcast we chat about building websites for local (read: not hip to the web thing).  It’s not enough to generate a monthly report and call it good.  Jenna says “Reports are no good, unless the business owner is actively engaged”.  I feel that the report is like an answer.  They lose most value if you don’t know the questions or if you are asking lame, uninspired questions.

Ben took the time to give Jenna a tool review.  He showed her ClickTale, Usabilla, Loop11, Inspectlet and CallRail with a dash of Woopra.  Jenna was impressed and said, “This is how you clearly explain how people are using your site”.

When the talk turned to money and the bottom line, Ben gave his tip on investment vs expense.  Basically, he wants to avoid stupid expenses and make smart investments.

We finish up the podcast by talking about Online and Offline (bits and atoms) design.  I let it slip that I have an interdisciplinary degree and studied comparative European politics. Ben made an astute observation about physical retail spaces.  You don’t tear down a space that isn’t working every 18 months and build a new one.  You systematically study and make improvements constantly.

Not a bad way to spend an hour and a few beers.  I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy recording.


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