Ready, Set, Summer: A gameplan and Invite

Summer is a special time for me.

My birthday on June 19 kicks off a season of watermelon, barbecue, and rivers. Dark sunglasses and farmer tans.  I thrive in the Southeastern summertime.  It’s the time when you put away schoolbooks and someone else’s schedule.  It’s the time when you allow adventures to happen and connect with friends over cold drinks in the shade.

This season let’s add web design to the mix. And, you are invited.

When I got back from my birthday tubing trip at Hanging Rock State Park, I can’t lie, my enthusiasm for being on the computer and doing web projects was not high. I wasn’t looking forward to continuing a schedule of posts and podcasts. I wanted to find something to do outside. Something different. And something that would recharge my batteries and allow for the creativity I enjoy so much.

but something happened

I got a call from Bruce, a client of mine since 2007. The site we built is being turned into a book and he wanted to know about an additional feature. I patiently listened and gave my advice. After some discussion he gave me a great compliment. He said:

“You didn’t just build a website. You built something that works. Without you the project wouldn’t have been as successful”

This compliment was exactly what I needed to get my batteries charged and getting excited about building things that worked. This site may not be as technically advanced or as visually polished as some. But it doesn’t break any rules (oh dear from 2007). It fits the needs of the stakeholders and users. And it  follows the code.

Not the pirate code but the user centered designer code: Build sites that work.


Dear a better user experience reader,

You are invited to join me on the summer tour.  Ben and I are just dudes doing design. We research and build. We tinker and test. We experiment and discover. A good bit of our learning happens when we express what we do here. The value is created when we talk about it together and on our weekly podcast.

We want to make the experience pleasant and worthwhile for you. You are invited to join the conversation and participate via Comments, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. It may be a wild ride but I promise to settle back down in the Fall. My goal for this summer is to build more, learn more, and express myself here for your reading pleasure.



This post inspired by:

The Fable of the User Centered Designer

Mozilla Summer of Code

Human-Computer Interaction | Coursera

and Peaches and Steak

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