Better User Experience Podcast #44 – Special Guest: Joey ‘Boats’ Abbate

Joe Abbate, Capt. Joe of the Shamrock and the Wrightsville Beach Scenic Tours, brings his tornado of energy (And PBR) to tonight’s podcast.  We try to keep it together, but we really can’t with Joe around.

We talk about his business and websites and Nature and the Shamrock, his boat.

The Shamrock on peaceful sunset waters of Banks Channel near Wrightsville Beach

During the course of our discourse, Joe aka Shaolin Beekeeper, breaks down 10 commandments that business owners should follow when dealing with the internet.

  1. If you don’t have a website, you’re not in the game.
  2. Business owners have to be involved in the creation of their websites
  3. Know your market’s language (User’s Language)
  4. Be dedicated to your website
  5. Integrate social media into your website
  6. Quantify Understand the revenue from your website
  7. Use Analytics
  8. TBD
  9. TBD
  10. TBD

We could only think of seven.  But, 7 out of 10 ain’t bad.

I’m proud of Joey Boats, aka The Tenderfoot.  He is a business owner who has genuinely seen the light and embracing his website.  His website isn’t just an expense on the budget.  It’s much more.  It’s how your user’s meet you, talk with you and do business with you. Boats is starting to listen and understand what his users are saying.  He was blown away by Woopra, Inspectlet, and Clicktale.

Capt Joe, aka the Birdman, is learning and I’m proud of his progess.  Jump on over to his website and say hi!

Friday night podcast with Joey, Shaolin Beekeeper.  We Drink. We curse. NSWF. 


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