BUX Podcast #38: Introducing the Hit Monk

Hi All – Newman Here.

Ben and I have recorded our first 100% UX content free podcast.  Unless you consider destroying salon.com’s new interface with digital Intercontinental Nuclear weapons and dreamed up a story of  a group of highly skilled monk assassins – That dude in the picture is a mean son of a bitch.

This is sort of a throwback episode.  Back when we first started the podcast, we didn’t interview and we didn’t have an outline or a topic.  We just turned on the microphone and started talkin towards it.  What comes out is … slightly offensive, definitely explicit, and pretty much pointless.  Regardless, it was a lot of fun.  We mean no harm by it. You may enjoy listening – God bless your kind heart.

We share some stories and shoot the shit. We don’t talk shop.  We make ambiguously gay references and poke fun at religion, the web, and pretty much everything.  And, we don’t talk about the user centric web design.  It might come up, but it doesn’t stick around long and we don’t say anything insightful. I don’t want to over sell it.

C’mon it’s Friday!

I guess what I’m saying is… don’t listen to this podcast. Or do! It’s aural hi-jinks, BUX style.

If you are new here, PLEASE listen to one of our interviews from the last month.  They are great!

We’ll be back next week with another high quality interview. 🙂

Mentioned on the this podcast:

Udacity.com and Steve Huffman’s Hipmonk.com

Ben and Newman’s Hitmonk.org  inspiration – This could be a GREAT story!  Ok, this guy is assassin getting his secret missions via the iPhone app.  (This is not real – I mean the domain is real – but it will not ACTUALLY deliver secret missions to monk hitmen… but it may seem that way.  There are problems with this but … it’s a good idea, right?)

Beverley Hills Ninja movie

Sgt Slaughter and Rick Flair – Just in time for Mother’s Day


Destroy a Website with Weapons

Rocketboom Wikipedia and BeepBeep and Rocketboom Euro-Style

And we say these 7 words A LOT!

(PS: To the dude we used for the pic, we’re sorry to link you to our silliness. We mean no disrespect and don’t actually mean to imply that you’re in any way a hit monk.)

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