BUX Podcast #37: An Interview with InVision CEO, Clark Valberg and Lead Designer, Ryan Duffy

It’s the 37th episode of the BUX podcast and we’ve got another really good one for you!

A few months back, I had the opportunity to use the high-fidelity wireframe app InVision.

Honestly, I found out about InVision from an ad on Smashing Magazine. I signed up for their product and it did just what I needed it to do. So I turned around and wrote a 4.5 star review about their app.

Since then, I’ve been wanting to have the guys on the podcast to find out more about who they are and what they’re all about.

InVision’s CEO, Clark Valberg and their lead designer, Ryan Duffy were nice enough to Skype in from around the country for a really thoughtful conversation.

Here are a few of the high points:

A market of meaning: Clark talks about how the web has increased the visual literacy of the average person. Now you can go to Target and find style in the most mundane of places. Toilet brushes are stylish now. And that’s because we live in a “market of meaning”. Daniel Pink talks about this in his book “A Whole New Mind“. Functionality has become a commodity. It’s expected. When you don’t have to buy things based on them doing something, you buy it based on what it means to you.

Minimum viable product: Ryan talks about when the right time is to launch something. And the idea is: what is your value proposition? What problem are you solving? You have to figure out what that is and then work on nailing that. Whatever that is. And once you’ve done that, then you can launch.

On interface design: Simple is difficult. If you’re thinking too much about the interface, it’s probably not a great one.

On how technology creates transformative experiences: A great experience is one that can be done in the real world and you make it much more efficient. A transformative experience is when you take something that cannot happen in the real world and make that a possibility. For example, it’s not possible in the real world to keep up with 1,500 people at a time. But with Facebook, that’s now a reality. And that’s a transformative experience.

On asynchronous communication: Clark and Ryan talk about the benefits of asynchronous communication. It’s slow chess vs. fast chess. And everybody works better at slow chess. For example, brainstorming has been proven to be an order of magnitude more effective when members of the group brainstorm by themselves and then come together in a meeting to discuss their thoughts rather than to brainstorm as a group.

It’s a really smart hour.

But for the rest, you’ll have to listen. 🙂

Check out their app or shoot Clark an email and tell him what you thought of the discussion.

Thanks for listening and we’ll see you next week!

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