5 UX Geniuses We Love to Follow on Twitter

We’re not lying – we love the UX community.  You all, and I do mean you Dear Reader, are awesome.  We even made it the number one thing we learned about UX from our end of the year post. The general level of awesomeness is well, awe inspiring.

We thought it would be good to hightlight those UX masters who delight us on the regular via Twitter.  It’s not a contest.  There are no prizes.  We just want to reflect on these folks who make twitter worth the God Awful time it can burn up.

As an example, It’s hard not to spend the time reading posts instead of writing this post.  So let’s get right to it…

Jared M. Spool

Jared Spool, UX funny man

@jmspool.  I like Spool.  I get his jokes.  I really had to think about reTweeting one of his obscure pop culture references last week.  Whip smart and willing to share his vast knowledge of all things UX.  Gotta love it.  He is a conversationalist.  Check out all the @Replies.

Keith Kmett, CUA

Keith Kmett

@kkmett  I’m not sure of Keith’s background and only have a vague idea of what the CUA means next to his name. But, I’m pretty sure he comes from a parallel world  – alike to mine, only he gets all of the new, insightful, blog posts before me.  Thankfully, he shares naturally and frequently.  And, his links litter my favorites.

Patrick Neeman

Patrick Neeman, keeping us drinking and laughing all the way to UX nirvanna

@Usabilitycounts.  And,  yes Usability does counts.  Especially if you are playing the UX drinking game with this guy. Usability counts. Creativity counts. Bar tabs count… wait.

Hiten Shah

Hiten Shah, of KISSMetrics

@hnshah  This is a personal feed from the dude behind KISSMetrics.  Ben asked me to check him out.  I love KISSMetrics feed – it’s a real “Read it Later” stuffer.  Hiten seems pretty cool too.  I nice mix of links, @replies, and insights.  I noticed this quote: “The key is to make errors faster than the competition, so you have more chances to learn and win.” John W. Holt Jr.   Good on ya, Hiten!  Thanks for all you do.


aka – AWooldridge, aka – Storytellin, aka – thing that stuffs my favorites box

@storytellin.  This is one of my favorites.  It’s NOT specifically a UX person.  Or even a person.  I don’t know. But, I do know that it is awesome.  This is a link sharing post – Never any thing personal. No @reply. No pictures of sunsets or lunch tables (I’m guilty of those, but only occasionally) .  But He (or She) is always on point and many times blowing my mind to maximum expansion.  It’s all about the power of story and narrative.  It’s something that is timely and relevant to what we do with UX and web design.  Check it out.

So that’s it.  Five Twitter Feeds we love and hope you will too.

12 comments on “5 UX Geniuses We Love to Follow on Twitter

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  2. Hey Andy! Thanks for the feedback and new Geniuses to follow :

    MailChimp UX lead, author of Designing for Emotion, the purple stripe in your rainbow of knowledge from @abookapart.

    Digital product design & strategy guy in Silicon Valley, CA. Known for Mobile First, Bagcheck, Web Form Design, & more…

    I’m a user experience consultant, writer and public speaker. I believe empathy builds empires.

    UX Director at Ubermind. Former editor in chief of Digital Web Magazine, founder of Blue Flavor, Webby judge, & InfoCamp co-organizer.

    I know all of these folks. Love me some Aarron Walters – Listen to the Jen Simmons podcast and read his ‘Designing for Emotion’ book. Luke and Whitney are rad, too. Nick Finck – He is new to me, but definitely worth checking out.

    Who else should we list?

  3. Wow! I didn’t realize that my background was so mysterious!

    I’ve been involved in website development for almost 15 years and practicing UX design for about 6 years now. I was at an advertising agency and now I’m in a corporate UX designer role. My beginnings were in HTML, that grew to backend development for a number of years then I broke out to frontend development, which lead to UX.

    Being in digital marketing meant that I had to know all aspects of Web strategies – including social media. My personal Twitter brand is about sharing valuable information intermingled with my opinion. I’m glad that other people find value in the articles I share.

    I met Jared Spool at Web Design World in 2008, though he may not remember me. He inspired me to be more bold in my UX work.

    And one last thing, CUA stands for Certified Usability Analyst. A certification given by Human Factors International – @humanfactors

  4. You were mysterious awesome. Now, I know why. 15 years in the web development business and holding to a twitter brand strategy is why you peg the awesome meter.
    About Spool:
    He really does help people to see the big picture, relax and let the bold happen.
    About the CUA:
    I have heard of it before and I love Eric Schaffer. I might need to look into it more.

    Thanks for commenting and keep sharing!

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  6. Thanks for the list! I see that Keith Kmett has already replied about the CUA title. Else I would have elaborated 🙂

    I am a CUA and a CXA myself.. the first with the double title in the whole of Europe 🙂

    Oh before you wonder – CXA is the follow up course to CUA by Human Factors.

    CXA = Certified User Experience Analyst (http://www.humanfactors.com/certification/CXA.asp)

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    • Hey Terry,

      Yeah, that does seems suspect. No ladies on the list here. @WhitneyHell and @Abby_the_IA should really be on there. As I recall, Ben and I wanted to do a special Geniuses post with ONLY ladies.

      Perhaps we should start the nomination process now. Got any UX girls to nominate?

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