Better User Experience Podcast #31: How long have you been beating your Designer?

Two topics: Time tracking and Designer beating.   Time tracking is a pretty straightforward topic.  All of us designers, developers, and web builders need to track the precious time we spent on the tasks and projects during our long bouts of keyboard tapping and mouse clicking.

Designer beating?  … yeah, when when people terrorize and abuse a designer.  It’s a sober topic. It’s sober podcast.  But we feel it’s an important topic to discuss.  Our aim is to design and build better meetings (in order to design and build better websites).  Working on small projects you can get away with rough, unproductive meetings.  But when you scale into a larger organization, these meetings become a serious barrier.  Not only are they a bottleneck in workflow and giant time sink, but they create a culture of … fear, uncertainty and doubt.  It sucks.  And, the final product suffers.

There, I said it.  I think we all have bad experiences in the past.  I’m hoping to avoid them in the future.  Perhaps I’ve got a design thinker, engineer mentality, but I think I can fix it.

We share our ideas in this podcast and we’ll continue the topic next week.  We’d like to know what you think:  Is this really a problem?  Have bad relationships between Designers and ‘Bosses’ effected your work?  Can you share an insight or two?  Please let us know what you think in the comments below or out on Twitter.

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