BUX goes to Less Conf – Day 2 Podcast & Wrap Up

Feeling vibe of Less Conf can get you in trouble.  And, I’m not talking about myself so much.  Inspire the crap out of a ton of very smart people, mix in a bunch of games, prizes and public humiliation. As Nathan put it, it has the power to change your life.  And, I don’t think anyone was taken to the hospital, praise Jesus.

By way of wrap up, we decided to do what we are most passionate about, record a Podcast.  We collected a group of interesting folks we met and plopped the mic on the table and hit the record button.

Neal Sales-Griffen from @NealSales @CodeAcademy in Chicago

Giovanni DiFeterici – @giodif – from Converge SE in South Carolina

Kalani Rosell from Pubz.me

Erin Brown – @embrown – Incredible Limbist (that’s a person who is good at limbo)

Bryce Kerley – @BonzoESC – LessConf Loudmouth and convention junkie

Nathan Didier –@nathandidier – amazing wearer of sweatbands and SEO guru

Thanks to everyone who participated in the podcast. Thanks to Steve and Allan for putting this on. And we’ll see you here next year!

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