Smoothie: The Spanish Inquisition

BUX Podcast #25 Smoothie of the Week: The Spanish Inquisition

Called the Spanish Inquisition for its red color and the fact that you don’t expect a smoothie with that much unripe fruit in it to be any good. And yet it is. The frozen raspberries really make this drink so be sure to use plenty.

  • handful of spinach
  • bosc pear (unripe — good flavor but texture of an apple)
  • semi ripe banana
  • unripe pineapple
  • palm sugar (optional)
  • frozen raspberries
  • ice

You know the deal: blend the spinach and up to a half a cup of water until well pulverized. Add the fruit and blend well. Add the ice and blend until smooth. Drink while reciting Monty Python lines*.

*That last part is optional.

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