Better User Experience Podcast #15 – Remote User Testing With Usabilla

Today it’s “Show and Tell” time on the podcast.  I’ve brought “Usabilla” to the front of the class for you to enjoy – in living color.  Podcast #15 is ALSO Screencast #1.  Your welcome internet community – the future of communications technology is here (may not be available in all markets)

[Note from Ben: The upload choked. I’m uploading it again and it’ll be here soon. It’s the screencast to go with the podcast, but you can enjoy the podcast without watching the screencast… That said, I’ll have it up as soon as possible.]

Ben and I discuss to the process to create a test and how it might fit into a site design / revision process.  We also brought in our old friend Feng-GUI to help ‘triangulate’ the results. We agreed that the standard questions were lacking and probably not going to reveal actionable data.  And, we finish the show with the love triangle between chocolate, peanut butter and jelly.  ENJOY!

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Posts we reference in the podcast:

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