The Ben and Newman Show Podcast #002

If you had talked to me last week, you might have become convinced that I was a meteorologist. Hurricane Irene was tracking to come on land within a few miles of Wilmington, NC which is where we’re based. Rather than watch the news, where the general theme was “RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!” I was up to my eyes in weather data from the Internet. Besides that, it actually did hit land fairly close to here on Saturday morning.

In anticipation of the storm, Newman hightailed it to Georgia and I decided to wait it out (probably because I wasn’t listening to the people who wanted me to RUN! RUN FOR MY LIFE!).

But we didn’t want to leave you high and dry without a podcast today so we had to improvise.

We hooked up a Skype chat and had a nice long, rambling conversation.

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